The Proving Grounds await.

SOL CONTINGENCY is a high-octane six-degrees-of-freedom action shooter that puts you in the seat of zero-G combat ships and arms you to the teeth. Slog your way through automated defenses and battle machines of terror in sprawling off-world facilities -- from hot lava pits to icy glaciers, fight alone or take friends with you in cooperative play as you plunge deep into 6DoF brutality.

But before your journey begins, enter the Proving Grounds arenas we have crafted for you, and duke it out against fellow Sol Contingency pilots rocking the same ship that you're in. These players will challenge you to prove that you can hit your marks and master the skill of flying in gravitational freedom, and finish number one!

SOL CONTINGENCY: PROVING GROUNDS is the multiplayer preview version of Sol Contingency, in development since the beginning of the project, and will give players a first taste of what to expect from our game. Proving Grounds is entering closed beta stage, with our open beta to follow soon. Stay up to date on its progress via RSS or our Facebook page.

New Facebook URL

21/11/2015, 13:07 UTC

Heads up fans, in the process of moving further away from our former Descent branding, our Facebook page is now available through the URL — please update your bookmarks and links!


03/11/2015, 23:21 UTC

We have a lot of ground to cover. You made a great effort and we’re now busy going through each application and picking the “winners”. Hang in there because soon you’ll hear back from us.

Proving Grounds closed beta is ready! Sign up now!

03/11/2015, 07:00 UTC

Ready to kick the tires and light the fires?

Gear up pilots! We have finally finished the brunt of development and Eclipses are waiting for test pilots! Want in? Fill out our closed beta application found here! Slots are limited, so act now and get your application in!